LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Kentucky couple living off the grid will not get their 10 children back -- at least not for the time being.

That was the outcome of a closed-door hearing Monday, according to the children's mother.

Nicole Naugler told us off-camera she and her husband did not regain custody of their 10 children. She says she's still trying to make sense of it all.

Joseph and Nicole Naugler left their hearing somber. The couple's attorney did not provide any details about what happened behind closed doors.

"I'm not willing to disclose anything at this point in time, out of personal protection," said attorney Rick Hardin.

The Nauglers live without electricity in homemade tents in a rural part of Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Their 10 children were taken away by Child protective Services more than a week ago.

At a previous custody hearing, Joseph Naugler's oldest son, Alex Brow, appeared as a key witness, alleging abuse as a young child.

"My worry is that they will not get taken out of that situation and they will get put back in an unlivable home for any age of children," Brow said later. "They have a baby. They have a five, six-year-old living in a bunker, pretty much."

"We are both heartbroken, with the way Alex's upbringing away from us, and his strained relationship with his mother, has affected him," Joseph Naugler said in a phone interview last week.

The couple says the state placed their 10 children in four homes across four counties.

On the Facebook page 'Blessed Little Homestead,' the couple wrote that they had supervised visits with the kids this weekend. The two also appeared before a judge last week, pleading 'not guilty' to misdemeanors.

Nicole Naugler was charged with disorderly conduct after her children were taken away. Her husband was charged with menacing. Police say he was trying to get water from a well, and when the homeowner refused, they say Naugler told his son to get a gun.

The family's story has gone viral. A gofundme page has been set up, raising tens of thousands of dollars in support.

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