LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Today is primary election day and the polls remain open until 6 p.m.

So far, voter turnout has been low, but that is no surprise. Only 10 percent of registered voters are expected to participate in today's election.

The biggest race today is the Republican primary for the office of Kentucky Governor. It is a race the Washington Post is calling "the nastiest campaign in the country."

Hal Heiner, James Comer, Matt Bevin, and Will T. Scott are all running.

Comer has been fighting allegations he abused a college girlfriend, and Heiner has been running an ad referencing the allegations.

Eastern Kentucky native Scott is running on a coal mining platform.

Meanwhile, military veteran Matt Bevin is also a small business owner.

This morning we caught up with several of the candidates.

"I hope what you have seen from my campaign...I have said nothing negative, nothing untrue, nothing smearing of the other candidates," Bevin told WDRB News. "I have no ax to grind with them. I would expect there's none in return."

"We have focused for 63 weeks on what is possible in Kentucky," said Heiner. "I just believe we are at a crossroads right now. We can do so much better, I know we can."

"Whoever we draw tonight, I look forward to a spirited campaign," said Jack Conway, a Democratic candidate in the race for governor. "I look for a campaign that focuses on issues, and I look forward to a campaign that's going to draw a sharp contrast between the vision we have with moving Kentucky forward."

"We started this race a year and a half ago," said Andy Beshear, a Democratic candidate for the office of Attorney General of Kentucky. "The same things we talked about on that very first day are what we're talking about now: that's building stronger families and safer communities."

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