LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two women are facing multiple charges after police say they stole mail and packages from multiple homes in Jefferson County.

According to arrest reports, the suspects "were in possession of products and/or invoices from multiple packages that were taken from residences after delivery was made." 

"It's an intrusion," said Luci McDermott. "Makes you feel kind of not safe." 

Someone pulled a package off the porch of her home about three weeks ago. She says the box was discovered on a street nearby.

"Put my empty box on his step and took his full box," she told WDRB News. 

Police say 34-year-old Melissa Dawson and 37-year-old Jamey Carraro, also known as Jamey Allen, were behind it. 

Arrest citations show they've been connected to several thefts across Jefferson County. Three alone were reported in the Lake Forest neighborhood. 

"They had mail that I think went back to 2013 and so they've been busy with this for a while," said Audubon Park Police Chief Doug Sweeney. 

He says police were tipped off about the suspects Sunday after someone reported people in a white truck dumping mail.

Sweeney says when an officer went to check it out, she found two women passed out inside the truck. 

"She noticed when she looked in that there was marijuana in plain sight on the seat just by the driver's leg," Sweeney said. 

We're told the officer got permission to take a look inside the car after searching the suspects. 

"She noticed all these packages and mail and different items and credit cards that looked like had been taken out of mail envelopes," Sweeney said. 

Police later got a search warrant and they say what they found connected the women to all of those open cases. 

Sweeney says landscaping tools, shoes and clothing are just some of the things authorities confiscated and more charges are possible. 

For victims like McDermott, there's relief now that police say those uninvited guests on her front porch are behind bars. 

"I'm happy," she said. "I love it when they get caught." 

Both women face multiple counts of theft of mail matter. 

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