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Left lane drivers required to move over for faster traffic with new Indiana law

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CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Too slow in the left lane? A new Indiana state law says to move over or you could get a ticket, even if you're going the speed limit. 

It's caused mixed reactions among drivers. 

"They're penalizing people who are following the law," said Carolyn Bowen. "It seems kind of ridiculous because if you're going the speed limit, why should you let a speeder go faster by getting over?" 

Ken Briegel says the law sounds like a great idea. 

"Everytime you're in the lane, we always make the comment that the guy missed that day in drivers ed class ya know, where they told you to get over," Briegel said. "So I think it'll speed things up a lot." 

Indiana State Police say this law is not a new concept. It actually amends a statute that already requires drivers going below the speed limit to stay right on interstates, according to Sgt. Philip Hensley. 

"The new way that the language of this law reads, it wants you to move over to the right if you know that a car is coming up to overtake you, you have to go ahead and move over," Hensley told WDRB News. 

He says when drivers refuse to switch lanes, it can back up traffic. Then if someone hits the brakes, you have a chain reaction crash. 

Hensley also says the law aims to cut down on road rage situations. 

While the maximum fine for failing to follow the measure is $500 dollars, Hensley says to troopers, it's more about safety than writing tickets. 

"If somebody's going faster, I want that guy," he said. "That's gonna be the guy I'm looking to stop. But what we appreciate is, go ahead, move over." 

There are certain situations where the law does not apply. Some of those include traffic back ups and bad weather. 

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