LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An airplane flight ended with an emergency landing on a Kentucky highway Thursday afternoon -- and the pilot says he is happy to be alive. 

The landing happened along Hwy. 555 in Washington County, just off the Bluegrass Parkway. The pilot, Robert Kinion, was still on the scene. He tells us he was heading to South Carolina from Bedford, Indiana, when he started having engine trouble. He radioed the FAA to find out where the closest airport was, and was told it was more than 20 miles away.

Kinion says he didn't have enough altitude to get there without power and knew he had to put the plane down somewhere else.

"I told them I found somewhere I was gonna land, but there was two cars, so I had to try and circle to miss the cars," he said. "And when I circled, I lost too much altitude because of my low speed, and I had to come in between the cars. The lady driving the second car was smart enough to get out of my way."

Kinion was still emotional when we talked to him. He says he has been flying since 1983 and has never gone through anything like this.

Several local law enforcement agencies have been on the scene to secure the area, and the FAA will be investigating what happened.

Local officials say this was the perfect place for Kinion to land in this situation, since this highway doesn't have a ton of traffic.

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