LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – By 7 a.m. Monday morning, flames and smoke covered the top floor of the 16-unit apartment building at Glenmary Village in Fern Creek.

Larry Beck, who's lived there 10 years, was one of the first to call 911.

“I looked up and saw some black smoke and I said, ‘boy that's not usual, that's not right,' and I came out and saw the flames,” Beck said. "Well when the fire trucks got here the place was burning like you've never seen before, I mean it went fast."

All 16 units are damaged, the second level is pretty much gone and many of the residents are now homeless. But the company in charge of the complex says it is doing all it can to help those affected.

Investigators say the fire may have started on a back balcony, but they're still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

“We had to close the garage door a little bit because it was so hot," Beck said.

Gina Hill and her family live on the first floor and after getting her husband and kids out, she didn't have time to think -- only react.

"Well we were just beating on doors yelling fire, get out, trying to figure out who was home and who wasn't to make sure were there pets inside who did we need to get out?" she said.

Hill, an insurance agent, says their apartment only seems to have smoke and water damage but they still aren't allowed inside.

Since the building looks like this, their home for the next few days will likely be a hotel.

"We'll see what we can salvage," Hill remarked.

A fence is now up around the burned building and not much was left 12 hours later but melted blinds and charred furniture.

Property managers say only one unit was vacant and they're working with the Red Cross to help those who were not able to be transferred to other units.

Some will also get their security deposit and June rent back.

“Be thankful for what you have because you never know and how fast you can lose it," said Hill.

Fire investigators say they'll be back to look at the damage once conditions improve in the next few days.

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