WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDRB) - June 6 is a special day to be at the World War II Memorial for Morris Guthrie, as he remembers the anniversary of D-Day.

"I landed in Normandy 71 years ago this morning," he said.

Seeing the memorial for the first time brought back forgotten memories.

"It's kind of hard to go back and think about it, really," Guthrie said. "Lost a lot of good friends."

For Norma Lewis, she perfectly remembers the day she joined the Navy.

"It's just that this war stayed with me, because we all got up and ran to the post office and enlisted, and when it was over, we all went home," she said.

Vietnam and Korean War veterans also paid tribute at their respective memorials. For Frank Walker, there was an eerie silence as he looked for the name of comrade on the black marble wall dedicated to the fallen of Vietnam.

"None of the rest of them bother me, but I don't take any pictures of that," Walker said. "I'm gonna go down to a certain panel, but as far as pictures, no, no pictures."

"The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier surrounded by hundreds of thousands of white tombstones showed perspective of how great the sacrifice can be to our country.

"It reminds me of the cost of freedom," said James McCloskey, who served in Korea. "Every tombstone ... every one. I'm so grateful for all of them. I've had a great life, and a lot of it is thanks to them."

The veterans say this Honor Flight experience brought on a mix of emotions.

But one things if for sure: It's a day they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

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