LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say 30-year-old Brandon Oldham killed 49-year-old Edward Vinson with his bare hands, poured lighter fluid on him and set him on fire. Oldham is being held in Metro Corrections charged with the murder.

"No person deserves to be beaten, chased down and set on fire,” said Raquel Black as she spoke to reporters Wednesday.

Raquel Black and Semone Sales were stunned when they learned their father Ed Vinson was murdered in such a horrific way.

"I'm just so sorry this has happened to him,” said Black.

“It's crazy someone could actually do that to someone,” said Sales.

30-year-old Brandon Oldham is in jail, charged with Vinson's murder.

Police were called to Elliott Avenue, just off Broadway in west Louisville early Sunday morning.

"How could you be so cruel?" said Black.

Police believe Oldham is responsible.

The motive? Still unclear.

A memorial has formed on Elliott Avenue where Vinson died.

Vinson's daughters say he was a good person.

"The man that I remember, the man that I know was a loving and kind man, would go out of his way to help anyone,” said Black.

They're relieved an arrest has been made but they say it doesn't heal the pain they're feeling.

"We don't know what he felt or what he was going through or what happened,” said Sales.

"Why? Why? Even if you didn't like him, leave him alone. Why did you have to do this to him?" said Black.

Oldham's criminal history dates back several years.

He was just arrested for cocaine possession on Tuesday night.

He was re-arrested Wednesday morning for murder.

Vinson's family is scared Oldham didn't act alone.

"If they can do something like this as docile as Ed, they could do something to anybody who crosses them,” said Black.

Police haven't said if they're expecting to make more arrests.

The investigation is ongoing.

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