LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, then cooking and eating her organs, wanted to get out of jail. However, prosecutors released disturbing details about the case in order to keep him there.

Joseph Oberhansley came to court Wednesday to ask a judge to set a bond.

"It's all lies and deception," Oberhansley said visibly angered. "Whole thing's a set up. They won't allow me to shave. All my rights are being violated."

Prosecutors were tasked with keeping him behind bars. They called detectives to the stand who summarized their case against Oberhansley. Their testimony contained graphic details about finding Blanton's mutilated body.

Friends of the victim were gasping and crying while listening to the disturbing details of how police believe Oberhansley killed Blanton.

"Mr. Oberhansley most definitely needs to stay in jail.” Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said, “He is a danger to our community."

He is being held without bond and that will continue, because the judge denied the request. He faces the death penalty and is charged with murder, burglary, abuse of a corpse and rape.

He was arrested in September after Tammy Jo Blanton was found dead inside her Jeffersonville home. Officials say she was violently murdered, and that Oberhansley consumed some of her body parts.

"All the state has to show is that it is more likely than not that he committed a homicide and there is no bail. It is a very, very low standard and I can't fault a judge for deciding it like she did," said Oberhandsley's lawyer, Mike McDaniel.

He's been known to have outbursts in court, cursing and talking over the judge and attorneys, and bringing up bizarre topics. He once said in court that he has too much honor and integrity and is too handsome to have committed the rape.

His attorneys say Oberhansley has mental deterioration.

In 1998, when he was 17, he killed his girlfriend and shot his mom. He was convicted of manslaughter and attempted murder, but was released more than two years ago for those crimes.

His mother was in court Wednesday. Oberhansley turned around and told his mother and grandmother he loved them very much before the hearing began.

WDRB talked to his mother after the hearing and she said she does not believe her son is guilty and is upset he is in a tiny room and can't shave.

Oberhansley had long, slicked back hair and quite a long beard during his court appearance Wednesday. He apologized to reporters for his appearance while walking into court saying his rights are being violated.

Oberhansley's trial is set to start in Aug. 2016.

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