LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Old Louisville, known for its long-surviving Victorian homes, is going through another change  -- which community leaders say is positive.

Old Louisville is considered one of the nation's largest Victorian neighborhoods, according to Marianne Zickuhr, executive director of Preservation Louisville, Inc.

“It is one of our claims to fame and one of the things I'm most proud of in our historic assets,” said Zickuhr.

The neighborhood is considered to be Louisville's first suburb with homeowners trying to outdo one another with grandeur.

“It's why we have so many very, very cool Victorian homes in that area,” said Zickuhr.

Unlike many places, the area survived urban renewal thanks to preservationists. Some believe it's now seeing a renewal of its own.

“The citizens that live in this community are actually adopting this community and saying ‘This is our community, we want to see positive change and we are going to do things ourselves to make it better,'” said David James, who represents Metro Council District six.

Dan Mason, Toonerville Trolley Neighborhood Association, is one of those citizens. He's working with neighbors to keep crime down, clean up the streets and revamp a park.

“The neighbors here in Old Louisville are owning our neighborhood. We want to see it preserved, we want to see it blossom and grow,” said Mason.

He only has to look across the street to see that. Large homes previously split up into apartments are being converted back to single-family homes. It's a trend both Zickuhr and Mason say is on the rise in the neighborhood.

“You have the young professionals moving in, the investments blooming and all of a sudden things started really clicking in Old Louisville as it should,” said Mason.

It's just another reinvention of one of the most historic areas of the city.

"It's a healthy, diverse neighborhood and in a hundred years it'll still be that way," said Zilch.

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