LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An argument between two neighbors ended with a fatal shooting in the Shawnee neighborhood Tuesday.

Detectives are talking to witnesses and looking for a motive, but friends and neighbors say this violent ending has been building for a while.

Metro Police put up crime scene tape and blocked the intersection of 38th Street and W. Muhammad Ali Boulevard Tuesday morning after a fatal shooting.

"I was with him yesterday," said neighbor John Sweatt.

But in this case, there's no suspect on the loose and not much concern from neighbors.

"I knew that somebody was messing with the man over there," Sweatt said.

Sweatt says the man who police are questioning about the shooting is a friend.

"He talks about it every time I see him," he said.

He also gave us some insight into what may have led to the violent confrontation.

"His TVs have been stolen out of his house," Sweatt said. "He has been beat up over there, he has been robbed over there."

Gary Miller owns the duplex where the shooting happened, and says he knew there had been trouble.

"A little ways back, [he] said he had a TV come up missing," Miller said. "Anytime that happens, I try to...talk to the people and see if I can work it out then I try to get 'em to separate...you know, to move out."

Miller says the latest confrontation may have involved a dog.

"He supposedly came up and had [he] in a corner in the kitchen -- growling and barking at him -- and...[he] hollered at the guy, and the guy just hollered at the dog, and nothing ever happened," Miller said.

Right now, police aren't releasing many details, but are talking to witnesses while animal control officers remove several dogs from the home.

"They are currently being questioned and hopefully they're be able to provide additional details about what's going on," said LMPD spokesperson Alicia Smiley.

Meanwhile, John Sweatt says the alleged shooter is sickly and he is concerned about his friend's health.

"Because in his situation...if they convict him of this, the man is going to die in prison, that's how sick he is," Sweatt said.

Right now, police say they do not plan to make any arrests in this case, however, it will be presented to the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office for review.

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