LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A boil water advisory for St. Matthews, Crescent Hill, parts of the Highlands and Hikes Point will continue at least until Friday morning, Water Company officials say.

“It's precautionary,” said Louisville Water Company spokesperson Kelley Dearing Smith, “We just want to validate the water quality. So we take a series of samples and it takes at least 24 hours.”

Dearing stressed that doing laundry and taking a shower are perfectly safe. However, any water used for dishes or drinking should first be boiled.

The main broke at around 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning. At this point, Louisville Water says there is no indication on what caused the main to break. Workers will test systems and determine how much water was flowing when the main broke.

“Certainly you don't realize how valuable water is until you don't have it or until you have to do some extra steps to use it, so they're working really fast," Dearing Smith said.

The 60-inch pipe is the largest water main in Louisville and because of that, the repair may take longer than one of a smaller size. Louisville Water says it's working with vendors to try and find a pipe that size but it's having to scour the country to find one.

“This size pipe and as much pipe as we need,” Dearing Smith said, “It's not something we just keep sitting around in the pipe yard so we're trying to find it in the United States and we're working really closely with our vendors to get it.”

As a result of the pipe issue, it may not be until the middle part of next week that the water main is fixed and Grinstead Drive is back open according to officials.

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