LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says FOP President Dave Mutchler's job is not in jeopardy after he wrote
that sparked widespread criticism and protests in the streets.

Fischer was out of town when protestors blocked traffic in downtown Louisville for about 20 minutes on Monday.
to improve police and community relations on the door of police headquarters during the protest.

We have now learned that LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad will draft his own letter to the public in response to each of the protestors' requests.

One request that will not be met is the firing of Dave Mutchler as a Sergeant with LMPD. That's according to the Mayor's remarks this morning.

Mutchler's letter called some in the community liars, sensationalists and race-baiters, and said people who use force on police will have force used on them in return, adding that, "we WILL stop the threat to us, our fellow officers, or the citizens we serve."

Some people found the letter threatening, and the Mayor has said that its tone is not helping bring the community together. Mutchler serves as President of the police union and his salary is paid by its officers. But he also has a Sergeant position that has been on hold with the city while he serves the union.

This morning Fischer said Mutchler's position within the Louisville Metro Police Department will not change.

"There's no legal basis for doing that," Fischer said. "Look, we live in a country where people can express their opinions -- both protestors and police -- so we have to embrace that as Americans. And sometimes we know that's upsetting to some parties but there's no legal basis for removing Sgt. Mutchler."

Mutchler stands by his words and says he has been gaining even more support since the letter was released.

"All of the information I have gotten from my members thus far is that they appreciate the fact that somebody is willing to stand up and defend them when they think things are being twisted," Mutchler said in an interview.

"Officers are tired," he added. "It's not a good time to be a police officer right now and to be able to want to go out there and still do your job and be motivated you have to know somebody is going to stand up for you."


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