LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Accused of kidnapping and murder, the two people charged with killing a missing teen faced a judge Wednesday morning.

Arrest reports say 22-year-old Monica Mudd went to police and confessed that she and Todd Byrd abducted Meagan Hassler last week. 

Mudd and Byrd are accused of violating Hassler to search her body for stolen drugs, driving her to an area near the Jefferson-Bullitt County line and shooting her. 

Detectives found a body near Pendelton Hill Road Tuesday afternoon. 

"To know that your child has been murdered. That's terrible," said Meagan's father, Jack Hassler. 

Jack Hassler says his daughter leaves behind a 2-year-old son. 

"He was what she loved most in the world," he told WDRB News. 

Jack Hassler tells us he reported the 19-year-old missing last Saturday after he got wind something bad may have happened to her.

"She was going down the wrong road," Hassler said."It was not good." 

Police say it's because of that missing person investigation that they wanted to talk to Mudd and that she explained what happened to them Monday. 

"We're working this in reverse," said LMPD Homicide Unit Lt. Todd Kessinger. "Normally we find the victim and then we start the murder investigation. Whereas in this case, we started the investigation without having a victim." 

Mudd and Byrd were arrested Tuesday night and face charges of kidnapping and murder. 

State corrections records show 45-year-old Byrd just got out of prison in April after serving time for a robbery conviction. 

Mudd has pending drug charges. 

Investigators haven't given us any details about their relationship with Hassler. 

"I believe there's more people involved in what happened," Hassler said about his daughter's disappearance. "And I believe they need to come up and fess up, too." 

Police say the investigation is still open and as they continue to work the case, loved ones want to remember the woman they lost. 

A vigil is planned for Wednesday night at Medora Park, starting at 7:00 p.m.

"I think it'll help us some," said Hassler's cousin Kalyn Payton. "Just so her family can see how well she really was loved." 

Byrd and Mudd are being held at Metro Corrections. 

A judge set their bonds at $750,000. 

Not guilty pleas were entered for both suspects.


Note: Arrest citations for Monica Mudd and Todd Byrd spell the victim's name Megan Hassler; however other missing persons reports spell it Meagan Hassler. 

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