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Wildlife authorities say Bardstown bear not a threat, but looking for love

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 200-pound black bear is wandering through Bardstown.

Joe Walker says he can barley believe it.

"The neighbor right here said she looked out her back window and the bear was by the tree and she said, 'John come out here! There's a bear!' and he said, 'Honey, you're crazy!' and he came up and said, 'By God, there's a bear!'" he said.

The bear stopped and posed Wednesday, near Cox Creek. The sisters at Charity of Nazareth convent say they saw him too and Walker's neighbor snapped a picture from his backyard.

"The bear was right at this big tree right over there and was just standing checking out the ducks and the horses and the chickens and wasn't bothering nothing," Walker said.

It's the talk of the town.

"Call just came from Alan's Auto Center and said it was going across 245 toward Templin Avenue," Walker said.

That's near the Cedar subdivision -- and people in the neighborhood say it's one of the bear's favorite spots.

"We was all working," said Seth Hack , a contractor laying cement at one home in the community "Seen him come across out of that ditch line over there and run straight across into the woods."

"I ain't never seen one in Kentucky before," Seth added.

Wildlife experts said the bear is about two years old. They said he's not a threat -- he's scared.

"Basically during this time of year, it's the breeding season," said Jason Nally, a wildlife biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. "Oftentimes the females will kick their male offspring off when they reach sexual maturity and that's to keep inbreeding from occurring."

"And in the search to find a potential mate they will travel 100-200 miles," Nally added. "Lost and looking for love would be my best guess on this bear, yes."

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

"My wife, she's an animal lover and she nicknamed him Cuddles," said Walker.

Nally said the state has no plans of forcing the bear out of Bardstown. He said it will likely leave on its own.

"The bear is not really causing any problems and there's really no sense in adding stress to that animal by capturing immobilizing and driving it into a new territory," Nally said. "Typically we just let nature take its course in these situations."

He's lost and looking for love, but he's the only bear in town. Bad news for this bear.

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