LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There were cheers, applause and a bottle of champagne from Mayor Greg Fischer as same sex couples in Louisville receive their marriage licenses Friday.

Timothy Love put his arm over his partner Larry Ysunza, both of them smiling.

“I feel like a kid again,” Ysunza said.

“Kind of shocked, amazed, and excited,” newlywed Benjamin Moore said after officially being married to Tadd Roberts.

It's a moment they've been waiting years for and a day that didn't come easy.

“I believe that God is love and I feel like love won today,” Reverend Laura Barclay told WDRB News.

Love and Ysunza savored the words as they were handed their marriage license. The couple says they've attended many weddings for their friends and now they can finally have a wedding themselves. The couple was planning to have one in October, but now they are thinking about moving the date up. 

“I think we have set an example in our 35 years of how a couple should stick together and stay with one another,” said Love.

It's a day full of love and support. Benjamin Moore and Tadd Roberts sit next to each other waiting for their certificate in the very tuxedos they wore a week earlier.

“When you grow up different all you want to be is like everyone else and so we threw a big party and had our wedding last weekend,” said Benjamin Moore.

A couple in front of their families and friends and now married under the law -- their reverend standing by their side to make it official.

“I certainly think of them as together before the eyes of God and now it's before the eyes of the state,” said Reverend Barclay.

While it's a joyous day as they're the first legally married same sex couple in Louisville, they are most happy to have rights they were once denied for 12 years.

“We have legal protections which are so important and crucial. We've been through the sickness and health part so we understand how important it is to have that protection and be recognized,” said Moore.

They say kids may be around the corner and the future is finally looking bright.

Later in the day, hundreds gathered in Jefferson Square outside of Old City Hall in Downtown Louisville to celebrate the Supreme Court decision.

"Today, the Supreme Court of the United States confirmed what we all knew;  that our love is equal," said Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign.

The marriage license cost $35.50. The couples say it's the best way they've spent their money in a long time.


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