LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Gallopalooza, the charitable organization responsible for the colorful, fun, fiberglass horses and oversized mint julep statues around Louisville, is looking to expand its community presence and fundraising efforts by introducing a commemorative poster series.

According to a news release, organizers plan to introduce one poster each year that captures the essence of the project, similar to the Kentucky Derby Festival and St. James Court Art Show.

The organization is currently holding a competition for its inaugural design. The contest is open to anyone who appreciates the artistic ingenuity of Gallopalooza and the beautification efforts it supports through partnerships with Brightside and Waterfront Development Corporation.

“For consideration, the design should communicate the creativity and fun of Gallopalooza, the community spirit that surrounds it, the beautification of our hometown resulting from it, and a connection to this year's theme: Bridles & Bourbon,” said Michelle Black White, Gallopalooza CEO.

Established or emerging graphic designers and artists may enter to showcase their talents. All design mediums (photography, printmaking, mixed media, computer graphics, pastels, oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc.) will be accepted. Entries must be original designs and reflect the “essence” of Gallopalooza and the Louisville community.

Designs may include the following elements, but are not limited to:

· Gallopalooza statues (current or past horses, horses on barrels and/or mint julep cups)

· Wildflowers, daffodils or Knock Out roses (to recognize beautification efforts with Brightside)

· The special LED lighting project on the Big Four pedestrian bridge (in honor of Gallopalooza's commitment to help fund the project in conjunction with Waterfront Development Corporation)

· The name or logo of "Gallopalooza," the theme “Bridles & Bourbon” and the year 2015. (Inclusion of these words/images are optional on the entry.)

The winning artist will not only have the honor of representing Gallopalooza in the inaugural year of this contest, but will also win a $500 cash award and gain great exposure. Entries will be accepted through June 30. Designs should be appropriate for replication as posters (18”x24”). Elements of the design should be able to be replicated on silk-screened T-shirts, and possibly other merchandise and promotional items.

All poster entries will be featured on Gallopalooza's social media outlets. The winning entry will be determined by members of the nonprofit's product development and artist committees, and board of directors. The winner will be notified by July 10, 2015 and announced to the public the next week.

A limited printing of the official commemorative poster will be sold at Gallopalooza's upcoming events and via its online store. The first unveiling will be at the Kentucky State Fair (August 20-30, 2015).

For more information or an entry form, visit