LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As rain came on Friday, something else came along it. Raw sewage started coming out of tubs and toilets at a Clarksville condo, and now residents are searching for answers.

“I've lived here eight years and we've had downpours and it's never happened,” said Mary Frey who lives on Lakeshore Drive in Clarksville.

Clarksville experienced torrential downpours Friday afternoon, during which two condos experienced the back up.

"At this point, I'm trying to turn my water off," Frey said. "So then I panicked and just started calling plumbers and couldn't get anybody to answer so we just went outside and called the fire department and called 911."

Around six months ago, the town of Clarksville began work on a pump station, only about 100 yards away from Frey's condo. According to town council members John Gilkey and Tim Hauber, state regulations did not allow for an overflow unit to be replaced when the work was completed, leading to the sewage problem.

"I'm not looking to blame the town of Clarksville," Frey said. "I'm just saying somewhere, something went wrong with the pump station."

Frey will now file a claim with the town of Clarksville. Gilkey and Hauber surveyed the damage for themselves Saturday and said Frey would have their vote on council for reimbursement.

Clean-up experts who surveyed the damage, say it will take four to six weeks before the condos will be able to be lived in again.

"I guess I'm just fortunate enough to have a big family and my health," Frey said, "I just would like some help cleaning it up is all."

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