LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An openly-gay Baptist minister and his partner finally got their marriage license Monday afternoon in Louisville.

Reverend Maurice 'Bojangles' Blanchard and Dominique James were arrested for trespassing in 2013, when they refused to leave the County Clerk's office after being denied a marriage license.

Walking into the building Monday, the couple spotted a familiar face: the security guard who was there when they were kicked out. 

"We were being arrested. He was in charge of security here and he looked at us as we were being taken out and said, 'Guys, believe me I didn't want to do this, but it's my job,'" Blanchard said. "Walking in here today and being able to shake his hand and say 'It's good to see you again, on these terms' is incredible."

The new terms have been laid out by the Supreme Court. 

Blanchard and James were plaintiffs in the case that made gay marriage legal across the country. 

Since the decision came down Friday, 24 same-sex couples have gotten their marriage licenses in Jefferson County. 

"I've been crying almost constantly since we went to the Supreme Court over this stuff," said one of their attorneys, Shannon Fauver. 

"There's not a lot of times as an attorney that you sit back and watch the fruit of your labor and to be able to watch them get their marriage license - something we fought for, for two years now," said attorney Dawn Elliott. 

Blanchard says in 2006, he and James were married in a religious ceremony but they still wanted the state's recognition. 

"We've waited our entire lives for this moment," James said. 

The couple plans to renew their vows in a ceremony very soon. 

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