I'm Senator Julie Raque Adams and during our last session in Frankfort, I was proud to lead passage of a law that established a long-overdue and most needed Child Care Advisory Board.

Kentucky must enhance and promote its connections with child care centers to allow for their input in the formation of our youngest citizens. For years now our state has been lagging in our commitment to top-quality early childhood education.

For example, the latest assessment test scores report that only 50 percent of our preschoolers come to kindergarten ready to succeed. However, the rate of kindergarten readiness for those attending child care centers jumps to 73 percent - a percentage that should impress us all!

Licensed child care centers are doing so many things right in our community. But the sad news is that Kentucky's current Child Care Assistance Program is under-funded and conveniently raided to make up shortfalls in other programs. This Child Care Assistance Program can make a huge difference in assuring low-wage earning moms and dads access to high quality child care. There is no greater resource deserving attention than our kids.

I am proud to support this important initiative, but I need your help. Groups such as Child Care Advocates of Kentucky and Kentucky Youth Advocates are critical to our success, but so are you. Please support our children by supporting our care centers, the assistance program and let's get this job done!

I'm Julie Raque Adams and that's my Point of View.

Julie Raque Adams is a Kentucky Senator from Senate District 36.

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