SELLERSBURG, IN. (WDRB) – Jesse Florkowski never let a disability determine what he could or could not do. 

“If I thought I could do something,” said Florkowski. “I was going to go out there and prove to everyone I could do anything a two handed person can.”

It's that lifelong attitude that's helped the 25-year-old become the top amputee golfer in all of Canada, beating his fair share of able-bodied golfers along the way.  

“I don't find my swing any different than any two handed player.”

But I did. After shooting plus one at the North American One-Armed Golfers Association Championships Monday, Jesse gave me a quick lesson about what it's like golfing without the use of an arm. 

“The main thing is making sure the wrist doesn't turn over,” Florkowski tells me as our lesson begins.  “Hopefully, everything lines up at the ball.”

Since he doesn't have a right hand, the power and control of Jesse's swing all comes from his left arm. Jesse has been golfing this way ever since he took up the sport at the age of three.  For me, well I had to make some quick adjustments.

But no matter how hard I tried to adapt, I couldn't get a good feel for my swing. Jesse makes everything look a lot easier than it actually is. 

“I don't look at not having my right arm as a disability.”

Diving closer into his swing, there are some key adjustments he's had to make. Starting with his grip, he points his wrist inward. Then on his backswing, he doesn't bring it back as far as he could. He loses power but maintains accuracy. 

“I know I can't hit it as far as a tour player. I can hit it 275 or 290. If I play my own game, I should be fine."

No one's going to argue with his claim but if you do, he'd love to prove you wrong.