LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Kentucky Kingdom invested more than $2 million into T2 to create T3.

It's being called the next generation of fear. Its name means terror to the third power. The suspended, inverted, looping roller coaster gets up to about 50 miles per hour.

You aren't in your seat very long before you hit the first loop.

"T2, as we knew it has been reborn and awakened as T3,” said John Mulcahy, Dir. of Communications at Kentucky Kingdom.

T2 closed with the park in 2010 and has been given a total revamp.

It's said to be much smoother than the old coaster.

Mulcahy says T3 is just one of eight new attractions at the park this year.

"What we did this year by adding eight new rides and attractions, we balanced the playing field a little bit,” he told WDRB.

He says last year, they mainly focused on Hurricane Bay because it's a local favorite.

"Last year we did not market outside of Louisville,” he explained.

But this year, park officials are expanding their reach.

With T3 and four other roller coasters, they hope to attract visitors from the entire region.

“There are people in Nashville that make the weekend drive to come up here,” he said.

Mulcahy calls the park an economic engine for Louisville, with coasters like T3 being the driving force.

T3 opens to the public on Saturday, July 4.

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