LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Fire officials have identified the two women who died in a fatal Old Louisville apartment fire Thursday morning. Officials say Flo Filiatreu, 51, and Theresa Shultz, 51, were pronounced dead at the scene from smoke inhalation.

On Friday, fire officials confirmed that a fire escape ladder was locked at the apartment at the time of the fire -- and that they consider the fire to be "suspicious." 

"I don't want to get in great details, but it appears at this point in the investigation that the fire originated on the stairs outside the apartments. That is the main area we are focusing on," Maj. Henry Ott of the Louisville Fire Department.

The fire took place at a three-story apartment building in the 1100 block of S. Second Street, near W. Oak and St. Catherine, just after 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

Ott said that both Filatreau and the other woman who perished in the fire died from smoke inhalation, and also suffered burn injuries. 
The second woman who died has not yet been identified.

In addition to killing two people, the apartment fire left three injured and four people homeless. Two women jumped from the complex and were injured, according to Ott. One woman jumped after she wasn't able to get down a locked fire escape.

"Obviously that's not the way it's set up or designed. We're trying to track down the owner. We've had some contact with them to interview them, to determine why the lock was on the fire escape," Ott said.

Ott said people on the third floor were alerted by smoke detectors.

A firefighter who responded to the scene suffered from smoke inhalation. He has since returned to work.

A day after the fatal fire, investigators were still on the scene going through the apartment building in Old Louisville, trying to figure out the cause.

Brenda Epperson knew the victim Flo Filatreau. She says, "Very sad because she's like a sister in a way, you know what I mean. There isn't a day that goes by that she might need something." She says was not as close to the other woman who died. Epperson says, "She was getting ready to move out next weekend. She was going to be moving."

"We've accounted for the number of people who lived here. We just don't know that we've got the right people," Ott said.

With all of this debris, investigators hope to finish excavating this site before the weekend.

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