LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB News has obtained an e-mail message that was distributed to Humana employees this morning, after news of a proposed sale of Humana to Aetna became public.

The e-mail was from Bruce Broussard, the president and CEO of Humana.

The text of that e-mail is reproduced below: (Click HERE to also view a FAQ that was distributed to stakeholders.)

A Message from Bruce Broussard

Today marks an important and exciting day in our company’s history. We have just announced that Aetna and Humana will merge to create a new healthcare organization.  While there are many reasons to be excited about this, you should take pride in knowing that through your extraordinary work and commitment to our customers, and to each other, our organization has garnered a great deal of attention and respect.

As you know, the healthcare system is undergoing significant change -- a tremendous increase in consolidation among pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and physician practices; a growing discontent in the marketplace around the pace of change in the system; and recognition that the status quo has hindered quality and affordable healthcare. Faced with these dynamics, a merger with Aetna enables us to take on the future with strength and more confidence.

I firmly believe this is the right time, and Aetna is the right partner, to begin this new phase of our company’s journey.  Aetna has a long and stellar reputation, is well-respected, and is nationally recognized as a top-tier employer committed to the health, productivity and quality of life of its employees. 

Importantly, we also share a similar vision for transforming the future of healthcare, improving the health of our customers, and helping our provider partners do their best work.  Together, we will be able to deliver, at local and national scale, a simple, personalized and higher-quality healthcare experience to many more customers across the country, many of whom will benefit from our more advanced consumer capabilities and integrated clinical programs.  This aligns with and accelerates the great work we have begun with our Enterprise Goal.

Today’s announcement is just the first step.  The closing of the transaction, which is expected to occur in the second half of 2016, is subject to regulatory approvals and a shareholder vote by both companies. Until the closing, we will remain separate companies, and we will operate business as usual. 

This is a work in progress and over the next year we will be working on integration plans. There will be more to share in the months ahead, and I commit to providing you with updates as more information becomes available.  For example, right now we know that, although the headquarters will be in Hartford, CT, the combined company’s Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE businesses will be headquartered in Louisville, KY.  Also, given the agile nature of the combined company’s workforce, we anticipate there will be a population of associates in many existing locations across the country. 

There are still many details to work out, but in the meantime, attached are answers to some questions you may have about today’s announcement, and the news release that was issued today.  Also, I will be hosting an all-leader virtual meeting Monday for which details will follow.  This meeting will be recorded and made available on Hi! for all associates to access.

I realize this news may evoke many different feelings for you; it has for me.  It has not been an easy process or decision to make.  It took several months of careful review and consideration by the Board and Management Team to ensure our decision rested in the best interest of all our constituents.  There has been a lot of information to process over the past few weeks, and I am appreciative and grateful for your commitment to concentrate on your responsibilities to our customers and partners.  

I deeply appreciate all that you do, and look forward to this next phase of our journey together.



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