LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Ohio River Bridges project is bringing an unexpected attraction to the Waterfront. 

People turning "bridge-watching" into a hobby. 

You could call them taxpayer watchdogs, seeing how their money is being spent. But if you listen their conversation, it's not really their intent. Instead, they stand in awe, saying it's something they can't miss. 

They're bridge-watchers: bearing witness to history.

People like Louie and Tommy Brennan are out almost everyday. 

"We come down here about once a month, maybe every three of four weeks," said Louis Brennan. "They put this last section in since we were here last time."

"Took down a whole lot of frame work on those things going up," Tommy Brennan added.

"It fascinates the hell -- I mean heck -- out of me," said bridge-watcher Steven Bullock.

"There's quite a few people we see down here looking at it," Louie Brennan.

Bridge watchers slow roll by construction. Some know the contractors by name. 

The $2 billion, two-year Ohio River Bridges Project includes two new ties linking the two states, Kentucky and Indiana. The latest from contractors is that the Downtown Crossing is on-time and on-budget and cars will be driving over this bridge in six months.

"That's going to be two-way traffic, not the final configuration, but we will have two-way traffic to the new cable state bridge by January and that lets crews shift attention to the Kennedy, where they will be making significant improvements," said Mindy Peterson, spokeswoman for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Bullock has been documenting construction since Day One. 

"I was here last fall and took some photos and there was reinforcing steel going up and now they've gotten this far," said Bullock. "It's just amazing to me." 

"I'm getting ready to put a book together on it," he added.

Bridge-watchers say they have to see it to believe it -- but the hobby can only last so long, and soon they'll be left to reminisce about the project that took a lifetime to launch, and how it seemed like it got done in a cinch. 

"Being in our 60's, we do that a lot now," Louie Brennan said.

Click HERE to view cameras from the Ohio River Bridges Project.

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