JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A burned flag, human feces, a syringe, and a razor blade. 

That's what a Clark County Detective found Sunday morning when he walked outside his Jeffersonville home –- and he says he was not the only target.

"We told him, 'hey, you know, this is a family thing, you just need to move on,'" said Clark County Detective Scottie Maples.

Maples and his family were celebrating the 4th of July Saturday night in their driveway.

Around 11:30 PM, a strange man approached them and starting putting firecrackers in water bottles. Maples and a relative pulled out their cell phones.

"And he had an American flag and he set it on fire in front of me and started waving it and saying, 'this is America it's my freedom to do this,'” said Maples, “So we were like, 'ok whatever' and sent him on his way."

Part of the burned flag was still on the street.

Maples told his family to go inside and didn't think too much about it for the rest of the night.

But Sunday morning he woke up to a few unwelcome surprises on his front porch. He found what he said was human feces wiped all over his welcome mat, and it was also smeared on the windshield of his wife's SUV.

Maples also found two dangerous items on the front steps.

"There was a needle that didn't have a cap on it that had been dipped into human feces also,” he said. “And the next step had a razor blade along with a note."

Part of that note said, “burning the American flag is symbolic free speach [sic] and "show me your badge wannabe," after Maples told him he was an officer.

"It's a little different I guess being considered a victim of a crime,” said Maples. “You know, now I kinda see when people are upset when we respond to calls and things like that. I understand where their frustration comes from."

Maples said his neighbor then saw the man run from his property around 6:30 AM Sunday after he shot a bottle rocket at their home.

Maples also found another burned flag in his mailbox.

"And Jeffersonville Police said that he also burned another flag and put it in a Jeffersonville Police officer’s mailbox," Maples told WDRB.

The Clark County detective is just thankful his family was not hurt.

"The needle really kind of outraged me," Maples said. "I've got three kids and that's what really made me mad was the needle."

Maples says Jeffersonville police do have an idea who the man is and will likely put out an arrest warrant this week.

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