This is an editorial where I encourage you to neither praise nor kill the messenger. I just offer some thoughts for your consideration.

There have been some incredible social changes in my life. Some are good and needed to happen, like civil rights. Some of them weakened our moral fabric. And still others, well, I’m not sure. 

When I was a kid we had prayer in school. We also had corporal punishment to keep us in line. Not today. Are our schools better today?

We had neighborhood schools where all my friends went. We could hang out in school and back in our neighborhood. Today we spend millions of dollars busing kids all over the place. Are our kids richer for that experience?

Marijuana was illegal. Today there are 23 states where it is medically or recreationally legal. 

Marriage was between a man and a woman. Today anybody can marry anybody. 

In the summer when I was a kid, I would disappear in the morning, maybe pop home for lunch, and then leave again until dinner. Today, kids have helicopter parents instead of the freedom to explore and create their own fun. Better parents today? Is the world less safe? Or have we just become paranoid?

I’d be interested in your thoughts about these and other social changes. Are we better or worse off than 50 years ago? 

I’m Bill Lamb ... looking for your Point of View.