LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's not the sound you would expect to hear at the Algonquin pool in West Louisville during summer.

Typically, it would be kids splashing around -- but on Tuesday, it was the sound of pool water being pumped out.

“Just very sad. A lot of people use the pool,” said neighbor Marvin Porter.

Marvin Porter says community members celebrated the Fourth of July weekend with fireworks at the park.

“We just had a very successful fireworks show that we do every year,” said neighbor Marvin Porter.

After the show ended, someone took the celebrating too far.

Deputy Parks Director, Marty Storch, says a small group of people chose to vandalize the pool area.

Metro Parks officials later discovered broken glass and fireworks debris.

“We have to completely drain the pool, clean up all the debris, get the glass out. Fortunately for us, the glass did not damage the pumps or the filtration system,” said Marty Storch with Metro Parks and Recreation.

Late Friday evening, someone also burned the slide and other equipment at the playground next to the pool.

“The company that we originally purchased that slide from is out of business so we're gonna have to try to find something to retrofit there. It's about $8,000 dollars worth of damage. Three different pieces of equipment kinda were burned in the process,” said Marty Storch.

Both the pool and playground vandalism are expected to cost between $12,500 to $15,000 in repairs.

This is the only public pool the parks department has in West Louisville and Storch says kids will be impacted.

“The kids who walk up to the park or ride their bicycle up to the park, those will be the kids that won't have the main access to the other swimming pools that we have,” said Marty Storch.

“A lot of the other pools have been shut down and filled over the past couple years, so it's not just the Algonquin community that uses the pool,” said Marvin Porter.

Parks officials are hoping LMPD will receive tips in the case.

Marvin Porter thinks more can be done.

He says better lighting at night and surveillance cameras could also cut down on crime.

“Just to discourage the vandalism and violence and things that take place in the community,” said Marvin Porter.

Metro Parks officials says it’s expected to take 7-10 days to reopen the Algonquin pool.

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