LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new taxi company is looking to take over the roads of Louisville, but they may need your help.

Operating in several towns across the country, the managers at Taxi 7 say they want to raise the city’s standards, starting with their drivers.

"We want them to be clean, neat and polite. We don't want them in shorts. We don't want them in flip-flops or t-shirts. We want them to dress professionally and by doing so they'll make more money. We're going to have some seminars to teach them how to talk to the public,” said Taxi 7 General Manager Michael Cregan.

Taxi 7 officials claim to be different from the rest. 

"We're not shifting cars. The cars will be given to the drivers and they'll take the car home with them. It's their traveling office. These drivers are going to save a lot of money in gas alone. They're going to get 40 miles to the gallon," Cregan explained.

They'll also have state of the art equipment they say most taxi and ride-sharing companies don't have:

"We have backseat credit card devices so the passenger never has to hand their card to the driver. They split the fare. We have an app, but they don't have to register their card to use it," Cregan shared.

Surveillance cameras will also be placed in each vehicle to help increase driver and passenger safety.

It’s an addition that's already attracting prospective riders.

"That's a really great thing to have. I've heard a lot of different stories about people either getting hurt or drivers taking them to some random locations. So having the camera will really ensure that your safety's there and if something does happen then there's like evidence," said Edward Taylor, a Spaulding University student.

Taxi 7 officials say they want to raise the bar for everyone.

"We want to give the citizens of Louisville a better cab service to this great city," said Cregan.

If you’d like to apply for a driver position at Taxi 7, you can call (502) 384-1685 to schedule an interview.

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