LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Graphic claims against a JCPS teacher, charged with raping a 12-year-old student come from the alleged victim, who testified in the case against Scott Quisenberry Wednesday. The alleged victim is now 19-years-old.

Investigators say the crimes happened in Jefferson and Nelson Counties from 2009-2012 when the girl was 12-15 years old.

The alleged victim answered invasive, but necessary questions from a prosecutor. Some of the answers and details from the young woman are too explicit to report.

Quisenberry was the girl's teacher at Bullitt Lick Middle School, before working at Kerrick Elementary for JCPS. The victim says she was friends with Quisenberry's daughter--and would spend the night at his house.

She says the relationship escalated to oral sex, then sex, as she visited Quisenberry's house about once a month to spend the night. The two would have sex in the basement while everyone else was asleep.

"I felt cared for," the girl said. "I didn't really have a lot of friends in middle school. The defendant and I became really close."

The woman testified her parents blocked Quisenberry's phone number, because they thought it was inappropriate for her to be texting him, but they were unaware of the physical relationship.

She says she figured out how to unblock Quisenberry, and continued texting him. The mother eventually saw concerning texts and talked to a priest about it , who contacted police. 

A prosecutor asked the woman to describe their sexual encounters, and at one point, asked, "Why don't you scream, rape, rape when this is happening?" "Um, I at that point, I just in a way, become intimidated."

The woman says Quisenberry was mad at her once when she developed feelings for a boy in her class when she was 13.

She says they would sometimes take day trips together, for instance at Bernheim Forest. She says they would eat together, their favorite place being Taco Bell.

Quisenberry is charged with rape and sodomy. He was arrested in 2013. He is on non-instructional duties with JCPS and is still making his $65,000 salary, pending the outcome of the criminal charges.

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