LIVONIA, Ind. (WDRB) -- Jeff Perry's trailer is situated in southern Indiana right where Washington County meets Orange County.

It's a quiet, rural area with no neighbors in sight. He says he doesn't get too many visitors and he's not a people person.

But in the last few days, it's not people he's had to worry about. It's frogs.

“Just thousands and thousands and thousands of them,” said Jeff Perry as he looked out at his yard Thursday afternoon. "I've had the frogs out here before but never like this."

The frogs are all over his property.

"It was unbelievable. A black blanket. I never seen nothing like it in my life,” Perry told WDRB.

He first spotted them Wednesday morning.

"It is kind of freaky,” said Perry.

All together, the tiny frogs cross his gravel road and bury themselves in his yard.

He says they aren't bothering him, but they are interfering with every day chores.

"They sounded like a BB gun when I was on my riding mower yesterday, frogs just flying everywhere,” he said.

Many of them are getting smashed by cars.

"They're squished all over the road right now,” said Perry.

Perry’s field behind his house is flooded. Experts say they can't be for sure but the influx of frogs could be due to all the rain that’s fallen.

This isn't Perry's first animal or insect invasion.

"One year out here we had beetles so bad, I had to replace every receptacle in my house,” he said.

The amphibians are a little less invasive but Perry says where they came from and where they're going remains a mystery.

“It's just weird. Just weird,” he said.

Perry said so far he hasn't found any inside his house and he doesn't plan on doing anything to get rid of them.

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