LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Democrats say a new TV ad attacking Jack Conway is deceptive, and they went to unusual lengths to demonstrate their point.

Sometimes the summer doldrums of a campaign are called the "silly season." That was on full display Monday in the race for governor.

A rainstorm did not deter a group of Kentucky Democrats from their stealth mission; delivering a piñata to the headquarters of Republican Matt Bevin.

"Today we're delivering this piñata to Bevin highlighting this false ad," said David Bergstein, communications director of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

The ad in question is being aired by the Republican Governors Association. It tries to link Jack Conway to Pres. Obama on issues such as cap and trade.

Democrats are jumping on the notion that the ad apparently uses stock video of coal miners, not from Kentucky, but Mexico.

However, the ad does not claim the miners are from Kentucky.

"I think it's pretty clear what they're implying, and it's really a dishonest, low blow," said Bergstein.

Democrats have adopted the playbook Mitch McConnell used to beat Bevin in the 2014 Senate primary, trying to paint Bevin as dishonest.

"Inside the piñata, we've got strips of paper highlighting some of the lies that Matt Bevin has told," said Bergstein.

The Bevin campaign called the delivery a "childish stunt."

Bevin was not around to receive the special delivery, but his campaign manager accused Democrats of trivializing the campaign.

"We're not delivering piñatas to offices. We're talking about Matt's blueprint for a better Kentucky," said Bevin campaign manager Ben Hartman.

WDRB asked Bergstein whether the piñata delivery was silly.

"Well, you know, we're the Kentucky Democratic party, and what we're trying to do is highlight some of these, using a creative way, to highlight, Matt Bevin's long record of deceit and dishonesty," he said.

And mission accomplished, the visitors disappeared into the storm.

"Matt Bevin is not telling the truth to Kentucky on so many different issues," said Bergstein.

"Jack Conway is Barack Obama's best friend in the state of Kentucky," said Hartman.

So this campaign goes, and it's only July.

The Republican Governors Association emailed a response Friday night, saying, "Any attempts by Democrats to distract voters from Jack Conway's liberal record won't work. The facts are clear: Conway supports Barack Obama's failed liberal agenda which hurts Kentucky families, and voters in the Commonwealth won't be duped by his attempts to hide those facts."

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