LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Karl Schmitt, executive director of the Louisville Sports Commission, knows as well as anyone the basketball fanaticism of Louisville and this region.

He’s been spending recent weeks preparing for the AAU National Championship basketball tournaments that begin next week at the Fair & Exposition Center.

But he heard the recent buzz kicked up surrounding the city and its suitability for NBA Summer League games, and did what he does — he got in contact with NBA officials. He emailed a link to a column from this website and other information about the city to some high-ranking NBA people.

Today, NBA spokesman Mike Bass told me what those officials told Schmitt, “We’re not considering adding any additional Summer Leagues.”

It’s a nice idea. Louisville has shown enthusiasm for these kinds of things, and has all the facilities. But once again, interest doesn’t always equal opportunity.

“So that’s the response,” Schmitt said. “The league is not going in that direction. But what you’ve done (with the NBA summer league column) is get us thinking about what other creative ways we can come up with to take advantage of this audience we have in the city.”

The main thing, it seems, is to be ready in case an opportunity does come. Schmitt says the Louisville Sports Commission will remain aggressive.

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