LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have arrested a man officials say assaulted a male victim.

Gregory Parker, 45, was arrested Saturday evening in the 2600 block of Le Blanc Court, near Brownsboro Road and North Hite Avenue.

Official police records state that officers went to the scene on a call that a man was "bleeding from the head."

Authorities say when police arrived, the victim identified Parker as the man who hit him.

According to the official arrest report, EMS workers asked Parker what he hit the victim with. Investigators say Parker "described a small Louisville Slugger in the corner of his bedroom." Authorities say the victim described the same weapon. An officer collected the bat.

According to police, Parker stated the victim threw a cigarette butt in his laundry and Parker said, "he became angry out of concern for the building burning down, and hit the victim."

Investigators say an officer went over the details of the incident with Parker, who started admitting to the assault before the officer asked any questions.

Officials say a second person at the scene with Parker told police the victim hit Parker first. Police say Parker then stated he hit the victim and that the victim did not hit Parker.

Parker is charged with assault.

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