LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Clean up efforts are underway across metro Louisville after storms moved through the area Sunday.

One place that sustained damage from the storms was the Beechwood Baptist Church in St. Matthews.

The church's pastor says he wishes the Lord had told him how to build an ark to protect the church. 

Lines on a wall of the church show just how high the water was at the height of Sunday's flood.
Beechwood Baptist Church Senior Pastor Robert Blackburn estimates water rose to three and a half feet.
Blackburn hired a company to pump out the water Sunday night.
Monday found volunteers are sweeping up the excess water, tearing out the carpeting and tossing out pretty much everything.

Blackburn says he doesn't want to take a risk with mold or bacteria, so everything will have to be replaced. "We're just going to get a dumpster to come in. There's no need to try to keep it or salvage it. It's just going to be cleaning out and then cleaning the walls and everything like that," he said.

St. Matthews Area Ministries is also housed in the building.
Dozens of canned food items and all the fresh food is being thrown out.
Officials who rely on this service will now have to go to Eastern Area Community Ministries.
Neither of the organizations had flood insurance, and officials are now they're reconsidering that issue.

Blackburn says they're going to keep a close eye on Monday's weather.

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