LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – ATF and Louisville Metro Police officials say the dynamite stolen from a construction site at Norton Commons has been recovered in Old Louisville. 

Police and ATF officials blocked off the intersection of St. Catherine and Garvin Place in Old Louisville Monday scanning the area in in connection to dynamite stolen from a construction site near Norton Commons.

Officials with ATF say agents and LMPD officers recovered explosives in the Old Louisville neighborhood that were stolen from a Norton commons construction site in back in April. 

“At this time, the majority -- if not all of it -- has been recovered. We won't know how much has been recovered until we do a physical count,” ATF spokesperson George Huffman said.

ATF would not say where exactly the explosives were found, but we saw a K-9 go into a house on the corner.

Officials were moving back and forth in front of the home with boxes. 

One man we talked to said his mom lives in part of the house and officials told his family members to get out. He also said his mother runs a daycare from there. 

“They could have blown up the whole block,” neighbor Pamela Alexander said. “It could’ve killed my kids, they kids, everybody's kids on this block.” 

Neighbors said police and the bomb squad had the intersection closed off Sunday as well.

Officials say a tip led to them to the area over the weekend. They recovered one or two sticks of dynamite then, but didn't make the connection to the stolen Norton Commons explosives until Monday. 

“There's often some commotion around here. Just the neighborhood it is. But when you see the ATF it's a little more serious. Makes you wonder what's going on down there,” a neighbor named Dusty said.

The reward for information on this case was up to $10,000.

“We will get with that person," Huffman said. "We will go over the information that was gleaned from that person to see if that person is entitled to some, all or none of the reward that was offered."

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