LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A state of emergency has been declared by Governor Steve Beshear for parts of Kentucky after storms caused widespread damage. The hardest hit areas include Johnson County and Rowan County. Neighbors witnessed floodwaters moving through eastern Kentucky.

"Oh my God. It's going to hit our house too. They can't get out. You know they are scared to death. Oh my God. Oh Lord, Jesus please be with these people and us," was spoken by Jessica Hall-Salisbury and her family as they took video of the moving water. They reside in Johnson County.

Watching in disbelief, they are hoping all their neighbors will be okay. On her Facebook page, Hall-Salisbury says there were people inside a white house and some were found alive. There is devastation all over the area.

Josh Hitchcock, a Flat Gap resident says, "It was just crazy and we were just looking down there and seen a house floating down and seen it get close to the bridge and decided to start videoing it." His video from Flat Gap, also in Johnson County, shows a home torn apart. The roof of one home just smashes into the bridge. It buckles and is swept away by the high water, tearing it apart as it goes under the bridge.

National Guard soldiers are now in the area deployed to help rescue people, and some are still missing.

Trooper Steven Mounts with the Public Affairs Office of Kentucky State Police said, "The hardest hit areas as of right now that we do see is Staffordsville, Red Bush and the Flat Gap communities. We can confirm at this time there has been one deceased adult male. This was the result of the flash flood waters."

There are about 150 homes damaged. There are also downed power lines, fallen trees and collapsed roads.

Hitchcock said, "You just seen all kinds of things, couches, everything you can imagine floating down there and on the other side there were trees getting torn down. It was crazy."

The man who died has not yet been identified. Officials say at least seven people are still missing.

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