NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Public school students in Floyd County could soon be facing a new kind of test. The New Albany-Floyd County school district may begin testing for drugs.

The school district would not comment on camera about the proposed student drug testing policy, but WDRB News was given a draft of the plan.

While students are on vacation, New Albany High School is building a new science lab.

The New Albany-Floyd County School district is using this summer to construct a new way to deal with drugs in schools.

The proposal would require students to submit to a breath, saliva, blood or urine test if there is what's called a "reasonable suspicion" that the student is under the influence.

Larry Young brings his grandchildren, nephews and nieces to Spring Street Park every day to cool off. But he's lukewarm, at best, about the drug testing idea.

"You're going to open up something that is going to make it bad for everybody: suspicion. You're going to suspect that someone, a kid, is having a drug problem. That's not the American way," he said.

Avontae Ray is a 13-year-old student at Hazelwood Middle School.

"I wouldn't like it because I would understand if my mom told me to do it. But them just thinking that I do it, and then taking me out for a drug test, I really wouldn't like it," he said.

If students or guardians refuse the test, then the draft policy says "… disciplinary action may be taken against the student as if the test was positive."

"I think that's a little ridiculous, honestly. I don't think it should be required," said parent Reva Hagedorn.

Kristen Jones not only likes the idea, but thinks it should spread to Clarksville where she lives.

"Because a lot of parents aren't going to go out and drug test them theirselves. At least if the school does it, then they'll know," she said.

The policy must go through two more readings by the school board before a possible vote this fall.

If the school board approves, it would take effect immediately.

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