LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There's no way out for some Bullitt County residents blocked by flooding and construction. It's happening in the Highgrove area, which is south of Mount Washington near Cox Creek. 

It's a quiet, rural and scenic area but if people want to get in or out, they're doing exactly what authorities warn them not to do. 

Frank Rouse decided to drive through the water covering part of Highway 480 Tuesday. 

"It was pretty deep," he said. "I don't really like doing it but I gotta get to town."  

We wouldn't drive through the high water, but Rouse wanted to show us what he and his neighbors are dealing with and offered to give us a ride. 

On nearby Grigsby Lane we hit another pool of water. The only people we saw willing to drive through were in pick up trucks. 

"It's just all the rain," Rouse said. "The creek can't hold it all." 

Those who live along this network of roads say they are trapped. 

"When the water went up, we got out this way," Mike Rummage said, while pointing down Rummage Road. 

But that way out is now blocked by construction. We're told this situation is affecting about 40 to 50 people. 

"What do you think would happen if someone living around here had a medical emergency right now," WDRB's Danielle Lama asked Mike and Mary Rummage, who live on Rummage Road. 

"We don't know," Mary Rummage said. 

"They can't get to them," Mike Rummage told us. 

A spokesperson with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the construction is part of a project to widen Highway 31 East, and crews are working with residents to see if it's possible to give them access out.

"They could smooth that out where we could get out if we had to," Mike Rummage said. 

For now, this small community is at the mercy of the water, hoping it recedes and clears a path for those wanting to get in and out. 

"They're trapped now so I don't know what their plan is, really," Rouse said. "They need help though. They need help for sure."  

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