LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police are preparing to roll out the next phase of the extensive new body camera program.

A public forum was held Tuesday night at Central High School to answer questions about the program and how it might affect residents and it was a similar program to what officers offered in LMPD’s 5th division over a month ago.

Around 80 officers began using body cameras the first week of June as part of a pilot program in Metro Police’s 5th division; which includes the Crescent Hill and Highlands neighborhoods. As soon as next week, the public could begin seeing cameras on officers in the 1st, 2nd and 4th divisions as well.

It's a little equipment dependent,” said Police Chief Steve Conrad. “As soon as the equipment arrives, we'll be starting.”

The equipment has already been ordered. Once it is, 2nd division officers, which mainly includes West Louisville, will begin training with the cameras. Full training typically takes two weeks according to Conrad.

So far, Conrad says no major changes have had to be made to policy as it was initially written for the pilot program. However, he said several weeks ago that he does eventually expect the policy to change.

Conrad, along with Metro Council members, have said the response from the public on the use of cameras has been positive overall.

“It's been all positive as it relates to implementing these cameras,” said Metro Council President David Tandy of his constituents in district 4.

All 988 cameras are expected to be distributed amongst LMPD officers by the end of the year.

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