LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) – You can’t live your life in a bubble

But you can certainly play a new sport in one.

“It's a bunch of people running around, knocking each other over, and not getting hurt.” said Louisville KnockerBall co-owner Johnny Cecil. “There’s nothing really like it.”

It’s called KnockerBall and it is as crazy as it sounds. Players wear giant bubbles and try to kick a ball into a goal. Oh yeah, they’re free to knock into each other as often as they want.

“It’s based off actual soccer.” Cecil adds. “But most of the rules here been stripped down.

The sport was invented by two Norwegian comedians in 2011. What started as their joke has spread all over the world. There’s now a league in Louisville that plays every Wednesday night at the Louisville Sports Academy.

“My first thought was that looks fast enough and dumb enough to be exciting,” said Amanda Bates, who joined Louisville Knockerball for its inaugural season this July.

In order to play KnockerBall, you have to get inside the big KnockerBall bubble.  Inside, there’s handle bars to hold on to and straps to wear like a backpack. It’s snug on purpose. It’s designed to keep the player safe. 

“The first time (you get hit), you’re kind of stuck in slow-motion,” said Bates. “You just keep going. The next time you get hit, you feel fine.”

And you feel down right exhausted afterward. Believe it or not, they’re all getting quite the workout.

“You get tired real quick,” said Cecil.  “It’s one of the best workouts, I’ve ever had,”


Don’t knock it until you try it.

KnockerBall Louisville’s season runs through August. For more information, head to their website http://www.knockerballlouisville.com/

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