LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The JCPS teacher on trial for raping one of his students is telling his side of the story.

Prosecutors say Scott Quisenberry had a three-year sexual relationship with the girl, starting when she was 12.

During Friday's proceedings, Quisenberry's attorney showed him a series of photographs of the girl with him and his family. Quisenberry and his wife both maintained that they considered the girl to be a part of the family, almost like a daughter.

Under questioning yesterday Quisenberry flatly denied having a sexual relationship with the girl. Under Quisenberry's wife, Natalie, told jurors that her husband is an "affectionate" and "loving" person.

Natalie Quisenberry says she her husband did not rape anyone, and that he's guilty only of being too good a friend.

"He gets very close to people," she said. "And I think that this might be an example of getting close to someone and, and it ending up not being the right thing to do."

Natalie Quisenberry also testified she believes her husband would not have had the opportunity to have sex with the girl in their home as she claims. Earlier in the trial, the alleged victim told jurors that Quisenberry would have sex with her in the basement while his wife was asleep upstairs.

Under questioning on Thursday, Scott Quisenberry admitted that his wife, Natalie, is a former student.

"She had been a past student, yes," Quisenberry said. "She was a graduate student, 29 years old. If you say I married a student and just leave it there, it really doesn't -- somebody is trying to make me look bad. This is a student that I did not date when we were both at Bellarmine."

Once Quisenberry's attorney finishes with his questions, the prosecution will have a chance to cross-examine him.

Testimony will continue on Monday morning.


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