LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Forecastle is getting ready for the dangerous heat this weekend. Plans are in place to keep fans safe.

When go through the gates, are you greeted by an energetic lifeguard who is dancing and greeting fans. It feels like beach weather here.

It's hot out and it's only going to get worse.

Josh Foltz is attending his first Forecastle Festival. He's visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. He says he's staying cool with a backpack with a water pouch.

Concert-goers can each bring a sealed water bottle and an empty water bottle. There is free filtered water at two Hydration Stations with a lot of people filling up. You can buy bottled water and lots of other drinks too.

"For anyone who may stub a toe or a laceration of some sort, someone feeling sick due to the heat whether it be exhaustion, we can handle just about anything and if anything major comes up, we have ability to transport to a hospital," said Jeff Cuellar with the Emergency Response Team.

"Lots of sunscreen, stay cool, stay hydrated," said Holly Weyler McKnight, a Forecastle Festival organizer. "We just want to make sure everyone takes care of the people they come with and look out for each other."

Tasty Tuxedo Treats has a stand at Forecastle. The business is expecting to sell out of all of their ice cream treats for the three-day event.

Jon Tilley with Tasty Tuxedo Treats says, "It's really hot, so we're expecting a lot of people to cool off with our Tasty Tuxedo Treats."

Jacob Finn also works for the business. He says, "We've got the Gonzo. This is our best seller. It's got funfetti cookie with pistachio almond ice cream."

The festival features 60 bands over the next three days including headliners Sam Smith, My Morning Jacket and Widespread Panic.

Sixty-thousand people are expected. There is also shade under the interstate and trees to keep cool.

Cuellar says, "If someone is feeling sick for any reason. We have medical placement all over, but the big thing is hydration."

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