LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – On the first day of Forecastle, the crowd trickled in as the workday came to a close and, arguably, one of the weekend’s strongest lineups got the waterfront rocking.

But the big thing on everyone’s mind was the heat.  With highs pushing into the mid 90s, water was a hot commodity and crowds flocked to the shaded areas and air-conditioned tents.

Beating the heat was the key to Friday and likely will be all weekend.

“Find shade, drink water, get air conditioning,” Forecastle founder JK McKnight said.

When asked about his keys for keeping yourself out of trouble in all the heat, he offered those three tips above all.

“We actually have a lot of air conditioning areas on site at the festival,” McKnight said. “It’s always good to pop in there and cool yourself off.”

“Hair up, sunglasses, sunblock, frozen water bottles,” Chelsie Pendergraph added.  She came to Forecastle to see Sam Smith "...and everyone else.”

Festival-goers were visiting the free water stations frequently and sticking to the highway overpass to keep shaded in between sets.

“Take advantage of the shade,” McKnight added. “We actually have built some shade structures – more than we did last year – throughout the site anticipating the heat.”

Anne Childress came in from Lexington mostly to see Widespread Panic, but on Friday afternoon she was sitting in the shade waiting for Bowling Green’s Cage the Elephant. 

“We had to get away from the stage,” she said. “There’s a nice breeze by the water.”

When asked how to beat the heat, she replied, “drinking beer, drinking water, drinking bourbon, drinking whiskey and dancing.”

Tips for beating the heat Saturday:

1. Drink lots of water

The free water stations are a no-brainer. Hit them early and hit them often. Enough said.

2. Bring a bandana to soak and wear around you neck

You should already be bringing a towel, so throw a bandana in your bag and when you get too hot, douse it in cold water and wrap it around you.

3. Stick to the shade when you can

There’s plenty of shade at Waterfront Park in Forecastle’s Kentucky Village, in the Bourbon Lounge or even just under the overpass. There’s plenty of breeze coming off the river, take advantage of it.

Surprise show-stoppers:

As predicted, St Paul and the Broken Bones delivered a stunning performance, despite the lead singer’s struggles with a “throat infection.” But the surprise of the day was early act Milo Greene. The LA-based band delivered some solid folksy rock to the early crowd. Meanwhile, over on the Port Stage, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds packed in a crowd and got them rocking, before leaving the stage to raucous applause. 

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