LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Crystal Rogers, 35, has been missing since July 3.

The mother of five was last seen at her boyfriend's farm in Nelson County and more than 100 people spent Saturday looking for her.

Search teams full of volunteers used horses and ATVs at two different farms. Organizers say they've dealt with storms, tornado warnings, snakes and mud in their searches.

They added how overwhelmed they were that so many people would give up their weekends to help find Rogers.

"She was very very well liked, very good mother," said Sammy Johnson who leading the chase. "The biggest thing is the strangers that don't even know her, don't know anything about the family, have come out ... To me, to see these people come out, it's just a blessing."

Johnson says they're looking everywhere including down private wells, on dead end roads and in fields and ravines.

They'll be out again Sunday.


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