LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A storm late on Friday caused an evacuation at the Forecastle Festival on Louisville’s Waterfront.

“All of a sudden you see them run off stage,” said one patron heading into the Forecastle’s gates Saturday afternoon. “The sirens come up and they're like 'please leave'. The guy was freaking out; he should have been a little more calm.”

But according to festival organizers, the evacuation on Friday night went off without a hitch.

“Our team executed the evacuation plan flawlessly,” said Holly Weyler McKnight with Forecastle.  “We got everyone out safe, there were no injuries. The evacuation was started and finished in about 10 or 15 minutes.”

There wasn’t much damage at the venue but some things did have to be fixed, causing a delay in opening the gates Saturday afternoon.

“The damage to the site was minimal,” Weyler McKnight said. “About 95 percent of the site was just fine. We had a couple of tents that needed repairs. We had a couple of fences that needed repairs.”

It wasn’t just the Forecastle Festival that saw damage though. Numerous trees and power lines throughout Kentuckiana were knocked down. At the peak of power outages, more than 14,000 LG&E customers were without power. Most customers power had been restored by Saturday afternoon.

“Well we had an unexpected burst of severe weather that came in very quickly,” Weyler McKnight said. “I think it took everyone by surprise.”

On Saturday, all damage at Forecastle was fixed and fans once again made their way into the festival to enjoy the music, hoping no more storms come for the rest of the weekend.

“People pay good money for this concert," one fan said. "There should be plan A and Plan B."

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