LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Customers will find afternoons to be a busy time for locations of the Louisville eatery Bluegrass Brewing Company.

Tables are regularly packed and plates are filled with food that will soon be empty.

BBC's catering chef Sean Haggerty is busy behind the scenes.

He's spent decades in the restaurant business perfecting his craft and that hard work is paying off.

"It's something that you can hold in your hand now instead of just an idea," Haggerty said.

Soon, some BBC favorites will be found on store shelves along with two of Haggerty's creations.

"From our kitchen to their table," Haggerty said.

BBC's Bloody Mary mix, beer cheese and Haggerty's cajun relish and spicy remoulade will be sold at Liquor Barns and possibly other stores in the coming weeks.

"It's been my dream to get this stuff going for such a long time, but here we are," Haggerty said.

The journey first began about six months ago.

It started with perfecting the label and getting government clearance. "It takes a while to get things right," Haggerty explained.

Then, once the items are in production, checking to see if the taste holds up.

"It changes when you're doing a batch this big to making 30 gallons of the stuff," Haggerty said.

It's become an efficient process, from pouring the sauce into bottles to wiping off any excess sauce and rolling on the labels.

Customers familiar with BBC may have already tried the sauces.

Haggerty pairs the remoulade with the crab cakes. The cajun relish goes on the Kentucky Bison Burger.

Sometimes, he decides to shake things up. Haggerty says the sauces can stand on their own individually, but they can also mixed together.

"We're ready to roll. We've got cases and cases ready for retail," Haggerty said.

One man's dream will be coming soon to a store near you.

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