LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In this School Smarts report, Breckinridge-Franklin Principal Allyson Vitato reveals the 3 things elementary school parents should never do.

1- Don't punish student for not meeting parent expectations
2- Don't go to bed without checking homework
3- Don't hesitate to contact school

Vitato says, don't punish your students for performance if you know they are trying their best. She recommends encouraging them to keep up the hard work, and provide support to them in areas that they may find difficult.  Students develop at different rates and need to be encouraged to take risks and continue putting forth best effort at all times.

The second thing parents should never do is go to bed without checking for homework completion. Vitato says it's important to schedule times for these activities and to stay consistent with a schedule as much as possible.

Finally, parents should not hesitate to contact school officials with questions or concerns. Vitato says parent involvement is what makes good schools great. She recommends checking the bus finder information well before the school year begins. She went on to say it's vitally important that parents contact the school with any change in contact information in the event of an emergency.

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