LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jurors have reached a verdict in the case of a JCPS teacher accused of raping one of his former middle school students.

Jurors got the case a little before noon, and found Quisenberry guilty of three counts of rape and four counts of sodomy about four-and-a-half hours later.

JCPS teacher Scott Quisenberry was accused of a three-year relationship with one of his students, starting when she was 12.

Quisenberry claims the girl was like a daughter to him, and his attorney says the girl's story "doesn't add up."

During the trial, prosecutors told jurors that Quisenberry changed the name of his alleged victim in his phone to "Alice."

There are over 3,000 pages of messages between the two, and those messages were the focus of today's closing arguments on both sides.

The defense argued that the statements gave no concrete evidence of a sexual relationship, but the prosecutor disagreed.

"They support the sexual relationship, not a friendship," said Asst. Commonwealth Attorney Alicia Gomez. She later asked: "What adult has a child as a best friend when they are married?"

Quisenberry's attorney, Ken McCardwell, says there's no concrete evidence against his client.

"When a teenager is caught in a lie, they have a hard time getting out of it. Lie 'A' leads to Lie 'B,' which leads to Lie 'C,' and the ball is rolling, you have the authorities involved, you have your mother involved, you're grounded, you lose your phone privileges, -- you've got to do something.

The defense argues that the victim gave conflicting statements and that there are deceptions as well as exaggerated truths.

Meanwhile, the prosecution calls Quisenberry a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and paints the alleged victim as a good student who volunteers and who was involved in school clubs.

Quisenberry worked at Bullitt Lick Middle School in 2009 when the alleged victim was 12, when the relationship allegedly began.

The victim says the sexual abuse happened during sleepovers with Quisenberry's daughter.


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