LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Kentucky Kingdom is introducing Storm Chaser, the park’s fifth roller coaster – and the second new one in the last two years.

The roller coaster was designed by Rocky Mountain Construction and will run on the company’s signature iBox track, which Kentucky Kingdom officials promise will be “smooth as glass, fast and intense.” The track will rest on wooden supports, but will be reinforced with a steel structure. 

The new coaster will be a twistier than a traditional wooden coaster. Due to the nature of the track made by RMC, Kentucky Kingdom says Storm Chaser will feature some thrilling elements that aren’t usually seen in wooden coasters.

The coaster will be 100 feet tall at its highest point and will feature a barrel roll drop from its 10-story lift hill.

“It’s truly a new breed of coaster that’s nothing like a traditional ‘woodie,’” reads the company’s press release.

"It's wood, it's steel but it's not necessarily a hybrid," said John Mulcahy, director of marketing and communications. "It's actually a new category of coaster that allows you do to things at tremendous speed, smooth ride, but also the contour. It rides like it's glass, I mean it's smooth, it's fast, it's exciting."

“Because of the new configuration, taller lift hill, and many other innovative features, we are essentially redesigning and building a new coaster,” said Kentucky Kingdom owner Ed Hart.Construction is already under way where the park’s Twisted Sisters ride used to be and should be completed by spring of 2016. 

Part of the infrastructure from Twisted Sisters will be used in the new coaster, saving the park money on the $15 million price tag. "It was sitting here, it was a good coaster it wasn't a great coaster. Our commitment to this park as it was back in the 90s is to do the latest, the greatest, the most exciting the most thrilling," said Mulcahy.

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